Overdraft Protection

Avoid the cost and embarrassment of checking overdrafts. We offer member-friendly Overdraft Protection to provide automatic protection should you ever find yourself with not enough money in your checking account.  

Overdraft Protection
What is it? In the event that you do not have enough money in your account, Overdraft Protection will transfer available funds from one of your eligible SAFCU accounts to pay the transaction.
How does it work? If we receive a transaction that cannot be covered by the funds in your checking account, we'll automatically transfer enough to cover your account. If a line of credit is used to cover the transaction, interest will accrue on the outstanding balance until the loan is paid in full.
Eligible accounts Savings Account - up to 6 transfers per month.
Money Market Account - up to 6 transfers per month.
Line of Credit - subject to applicable finance charges.
Fees You must maintain a balance or credit limit that will cover any overdrafts from your Checking Account, otherwise a standard $30.00 non-sufficient funds fee will apply per transaction.
How to get started Contact the credit union at (714) 834-1341 or (800) 541-2546 to set up Overdraft Protection for your checking account.

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